Decision support tool

Documentation and revision

Documentation within the development of a WSP should cover the following points:

  • System description and team members involved
  • Hazard analysis and risk assessment
  • Measures chosen to control the risk, reasons for their choice as well as operational monitoring and corrective actions
  • Validation of chosen measures
  • Verification

The aim of the documentation is to record the decisions made and to make the criteria and their justification comprehensible. In addition, all uncertainties in the description as well as in the assessment of the supply system should be documented. This enhances transparency of the reasons for the decisions taken.

A comprehensive documentation which also comprises specific experiences is very helpful for staff training. This preserves operational experience and is a good basis for communication with surveillance authorities (e.g. health officers). Furthermore it also demonstrates a successful management which can be additionally confirmed by an external audit of the WSP.

A revision of your WSP should take place regularly. All steps of the WSP from system description to documentation are thereby repeated, and usually a potential for improvements is identified by the systematic review of the operational practice. A revision should also be performed in the case of relevant changes in the supply system or new legal requirements. The results of the revisions should also be documented.