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Questionnaire: Indications for the occurrence of cyanotoxins

The first questionnaire deals with observations about the occurrence and mass developments of cyanobacteria. Have cyanotoxins ever been detected or have diseases in humans or animals been reported in the past, for which cyanotoxins are the suspected causative agents?

In case no observations of cyanobacterial mass developments have been reported, this does not exclude the occurrence of cyanobacteria. Therefore, answering the following questionnaires is important in any case – a “yes” in this first questionnaire just highlights the urgency!

More information can be found in Hazards caused by cyanobacteria and Recognising cyanobacterial blooms.

Are you aware of any human or life stock intoxications which might be related to cyanotoxins?

Have cyanotoxins been detected in concentrations >1 µg/l in your water body?

Are you aware of any mass developments to cyanobacteria, i.e. surface blooms or visible streaks (or floating clumps), with greenish, bluish or reddish discoloration of the water body?

Laboratory analyses: are cyanobacterial biovolumes exceeding 1mm³/L or is the chlorophyll-a concentration > 1 µg/L due to dominance of cyanobacteria?