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System assessment

Quick hazard analysis via online questionnaire

In the following we will offer you questionnaires for a first assessment of the possible occurrence of cyanotoxins in your supply system, which aim to support you in your hazard analysis. This first evaluation, however, does not replace a carefully and documented hazard analysis by your team, including experts and by appropriate investigations in the case of uncertainties or gaps in knowledge.

Questionnaire: Indications for the occurrence of cyanotoxins

Questionnaire: Assessing the potenial for cyanobacterial mass developments

Questionnaire: Assessing raw water abstraction from water bodies

Questionnaire: Assessing raw water abstraction after sediment passage

Questionnaire: Assessing drinking water treatment

After responding to the questionnaires you will receive an annotated evaluation of your questionnaire. One outcome may be, however, that a first risk assessment of your system is not possible without collecting new data. An example of the documentation of a first assessment of a water body can be found here.

Even if there are gaps in the data requested here or if the data are not of retraceable quality, maybe you will nevertheless try to come to a first assessment of your system. Document your assessment, and also its resilience or uncertainty, noting which gaps in the data should be filled in as a priority, e.g. before decisions on the installation or upgrading of control measures.