Decision support tool
  • Why are cyanotoxins a risk in drinking water?
  • For whom is this decision support tool?
  • Purpose: to analyse, asses and manage the risk of cyanotoxin occurrence
  • In parts also applicable for bathing water

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Decision Support Tool for the development of a setting-specific strategy from catchment to consumer against the occurrence of cyanotoxins in drinking-water

This DST is based on results from several projects on toxic cyanobacteria funded by the Ministry for Education and Science (Germany) and the European Union (e.g. „PEPCY“, „NOSTOTOX“, „CYANOCOST“) and has been developed during these projects by Verena Niesel, Jutta Fastner, Wolfgang Wenzel and Ingrid Chorus from the Federal Environmental Agency, Berlin. The support of Geoffrey Codd especially with the English version is gratefully acknowledged.